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Conundrum's Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Conundrum's LiveJournal:

Monday, September 19th, 2005
9:51 pm
cassie told me to do it
well here i am updating this thing.. cassie told me to :P hehe love ya cassie.
i dont really know what to say.. ive become a bit shut off and i dont really speak much of what is happening in my life.. too many fuckheaded people out there just wanna screw me over *shoots fuckheaded people* . all i will say is that i got some new toys a little bit ago. a lovely Carbon steel LTC Kukri, and a cute hunting knife that has been folded 50 times.. so so sharp xD
Hurm havnt really descussed this with my cassie but im thinking of looking for a job in sydney so i can be with her. just depends how my defence application goes.
Will do anything to be with her :)
Only problem is ill be looking for another government job :S hard to come by yes.. but there the jobs im best at.
HURRY UP AND GET BACK ONLINE CASSIE. i need to talk to you about things.
well anyway i nned to go and do things over there *points*
kinda freaked out at the moment. My webcam light is on. But im not using it... ARGH THERE WATCHING ME

Current Mood: meh
Monday, August 8th, 2005
8:48 pm
Fucked off
My so called bestfriend decided to end 10 years of friendship over a hole that gets wet, confused?, he was told by his dominating bitch of a girlfriend that im a bad friend, and just like that he goes with her word and just completely ignores me, meanwhile at school he asks his "friends" about something, that something was the scollarship he got offered cause his brother died,  he asked the people at school what they thought, they all said "dont bother youll just be wasting everyones time.", he still talks to these people, the people that just take advantage of him. I dont get how people can just betray other people over the smallest of things, its close to impossible to find someone with genuine attributes. On several occasions i have put my own life indanger to help this friend out and other friends, and yet when ever im in need im left alone. Ive put trust in friends before only to get stabed in the back, literally, well its actually a cut not a stab, its hard to trust again when you carry physical proof that humans are fucked up.

Current Mood: Fucked off
Monday, July 25th, 2005
1:14 am
My hero
Well i might take the time to introduce my hero. Dr. Hannibal Lector. He is the most amazing person i have ever heard of, brillent minded. Id go into detail.. but it might sound like i have a crush or something :P . Im still working on my 8 day shift but after it i get a 3 day weekend, Thats when ill go get my car. With scanner in hand ill be able to go 200 down the highway so i can get home faster. I only have to start work at 1pm tomorrow so i get to SLEEEEEEEP. Hurm.. im hungry, i wonder what there is to eat. Sydney is calling for me. i must go there as soon as possible, i have someone very important and special to meet. I got 2 phone calls last night, both from gay guys, one wanthing to get in my pants and the other pissed off at me cause i wouldnt tell him someones name.

Anyway, i must go now and eat and sleep xD

Cya all

Ps. Fuck i hate people that call telstra tech support

Current Mood: Unamused
Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
10:07 pm
Just imagine
Just imagine you are sitting at your computer minding your own business talking to your friends, then you get an email, you open the email and the attachment, it takes a while for it to regester what you are looking at.. then it hits you like a freight train, its a picture of the side of your head taken from outside the window just that night 30 mins ago.
Well thats what happened. some freak snuck around my house last night and started taking happy snaps of me then emailed them to me.
Now im just thinking weather or not im going hunting or not.

Current Mood: wtf
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
9:43 pm
So cold
After running around with no shirt on for about an hour in the rain while the wind was allmost blowing me over with its 15deg winds, i bring you my latest experiment.
I was always intreagued by ballistics, the whole being able to shoot someone with a rifle sharp and have it pass through someone's body possibly into another body.
If you know me personally, which most of you dont, you would know that i had to somehow get something that can project something at great speeds, but to do that without having to break any laws, thats where the trip to the local archery store came into action. I could have gotten a crossbow, but some guy south of me shot and killed his girlfriend with one, did it go through her??, i dont know :(. So i ended up getting a single cam compound bow 60pound draw weight and 31'' draw length, the arrow gets launched at about 300feet per second.(is that fast enough?).
Ok so i have the equipment to get the job i just needed something that resembled a human torsoe, that was the hardest part of all, i ended up settling for a 20kg bag of potting mix, the first shot was done from 10m on a 2m incline(hence the angle) these went ok, i didnt think it at the time cause they didnt pass right through the bag, they went in so far that the flights were hidden inside the bag, then they stoped when they hit the ground on the otherside.

I then went 20m back and at the same level as the bag, lined it up and released. The arrow went with sutch force that it passed straight through the bag and stuck into a tree on the other side a further 20m.
Still not happy with the results i set up a hay stack behind the bag so it wouldnt kill anyone and went back futrher still, so standing at 30m i let one fly and it went a bit too low and entered the bottom of the bag and got stuck in it. I got that one on video from my phone, I thought that it was all over and that 30m must have been the limit, so i tried one more time just to make sure, and once more it passed straight through the bag and stuck about 6'' into the hay stack.
So ive taken into consideration all of the factors relationg to the physics behind it and have come to the conslusion, that if i was to shoot an arrow at someone it will pass through them, even if the arrow hits a bone.
After an hour of doing this experiment i walked away with brderline hypothurmia, no skin on my right fore arm (got a little too close to the string) and no skin on my fingers.
So untill next time i find something to test out, or next time i have something decent to do :P, feel free to give me some ideas to test out, ive got heaps of equipment and what ever i dont have ill just buy. Oh and ill do anything as long as it doesnt involve putting a living animal in direct danger, ill put an exception on me
Saturday, July 16th, 2005
8:08 pm
On the dot
This will be just fine. Moved across from some other crappy journal place, problem was all the wrong people were reading my posts', inviting themselves into my life and introducing themselves to all the people that i kept them away from for a good reason. So here i am, starting things over. There are 3 people left from my old life, and there all over the east coast of Australia, just the way i like it, now i can rebuild.
I guess ill pick up from where i left off, which was me complaining about having to work 6 days straight for 45 hours, but then i found a payslip to a friend of mine, he is only getting paid half what i am.. and im 4 years younger then him.
So anyway, i might as well say something about me. As the username says, im a bit of a maverick. Hobbies.. weapons. if its sharp or projects a sharp object at great speeds then chances are ill like it. Work for Telstra and finding it pretty decent for the fact that they let me wear my cuffs to work and pretty much sit on my ass all day helping stupid people that cant fix there own internet connection. Photos? ill have to find one decent enough to post here.. well a few maybe.

Well thats all from me for now. i need some sleep.. fuggin work on sunday. oh and btw, love ya cassie

Current Mood: Done
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